Where did she come from?

On a sun-filled, sweat-soaked afternoon in Chattanooga,Tenessee, a young individual was cruising down I-24, eyelids heavy with exhaustion, when he noticed a multi-colored pup curled up by a tree, shaking like a leaf, eyes expanded by dread.  This fellow whipped his white, mustang convertible over to the breakdown lane and jumped from his vehicle reckless as a squirrel.  

He walked as quiet and slow as a mouse over to the pup and knelt down.  He used soft noises and words in attempts to alter the pup’s state of terror before he scooped her up, and held her tight in his arms to quell the tremors.

   This was the day that humanity was given a gift.  

 The uneducated lad took the pup and kept her in safe hiding for a few weeks until a family he knew further up the east coast could take her in and raise her.  His attempts to question the pup were futile.  He asked her where she came from, where her family was, and how she ended up stranded on the dangerous edge of I-24.  The only response he received was a stare of dejection. 

 She meandered her way up the coast of New England, offering help to those in need who had face unsolved crimes.  She came across several troubled beings who had experienced unheard of atrocities: she was drawn to them, and ready to lend a helping paw.  After fine-tuning her craft of crime-solving, and filled with a great desire to unravel the mystery of her own life and where she came from, Josie became dedicated to tracking down wrongdoers and serving up justice on a hefty plate.