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The story of Josie

Mystery, Love and Perseverance

Josie, PDI (Principal Dog Investigator), is renowned in her field. She has been ranked and recognized, time and time again, as the greatest dog detective of all time. 

The purpose of is to spread Josie's timeless story and allow her to gain some much needed recognition for the great deeds she has done for the community, and to unveil the endless number of mysteries she has solved to the public. If you are new to Josie and her work, you are in for some life-changing stories.

True Crime Stories is jam-packed with detailed stories of crimes solved by Josie, her personal life, and her self-care routine. Life can be difficult when you're the best and only in your field, but Josie is able to live a life of balance that revolves around justice. 

Her mission: her life

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